A card game to discuss multiculturalism and religious pluralism

A party game where players discover that every religion is an answer to universal needs

40answers is a digital card game in which players try to associate rites and beliefs, belonging to different religions, with abstract personal or collective needs.

The correctness of the association need/answer is not established by the game but by the group of players themselves, as the associations awarded will be the most shared.

Sensitivity and open-mindedness

40Answers tries to talk about religion as an important humanistic theme beyond the outcome.
Players are led to confront and discuss the spiritual and philosophical significance of beliefs close or distant to their own culture. 

But above all, by making themselves builders of meanings, players will discover that, despite different narratives and rituals, all religions are deeply united in a common goal of individual achievement and support of coexistence.

Project Goal

40Answers is a game for second-grade secondary school kids.
The game is realized within the project Life Two: Learning Interculturality from Religions towards Outreach Activities, promoted by the foundation Hallgarten-Franchetti Centro Studi Villa Montesca.