A poetic narrative game about well-being, as a balance between desire and responsibility

A fairy tale about the ingredients of happiness

Chef Adventure is a narrative game in which the player plays a young cook who, in search of luck, travels along a dreamlike country road. Pushing forward a funny cart, the protagonist goes through evocative landscapes, sometimes mystical, and meets real and surreal characters with whom he entertains conversations about individual and collective well-being.

Listening and Relationship

The theme of well-being is presented above all as a balance between desire and responsibility, which implies attention and respect for oneself, others and the environment. Through dialogue, the protagonist can improve his serenity and self-esteem and find inspiration for new recipes. To do so, however, he must understand the needs and the different points of view of his temporary fellow travellers. Similarly, the player will have to deal with the emotional sphere of the protagonist, avoiding choices contrary to his values and providing him with material and opportunities for his creative epiphanies.

Educational path: well-being

Chef Adventure is a game for second-grade secondary school kids. The game is made within the project Unicoop Firenze Cittadinanza Consapevole, educational path Benessere. The game deals with the issues of the supply chain, consumption and solidarity. For more information: