An inefficient puzzle game in which the protection of renewable resources is the only effective long-term strategy.

An applied game on the management of renewable resources

In Simbioasi the player controls a fantastic insect intent on building a sort of hive in which to lay its eggs.

The game world is an imaginary micro-ecosystem populated by strange flowers and funny insects that feed on pollen, a renewable resource that the player can collect and use to build the cells of the hive.

While the first levels will seem all too easy, the player will soon discover the long-term consequences of his actions and will be forced to retrace his steps to minimize waste and regulate the flow of exploitation of resources.

Sustainability and Biodiversity

Environmental issues are communicated through direct confrontation with issues of a simplified ecosystem but consistent with reality.

Pollen is a renewable resource with limited inflow and is put at risk by waste and dynamics of limited rationality.
The other insects, disadvantaged in the competition for the same resources, represent the heritage of biodiversity that the player learns to protect. 

The player must acquire complete knowledge of the system model to anticipate the consequences of vicious circles and ecological collapse.

Project Goal

Simbioasi is a game for secondary school children in first and second grade.
The game is made within the project Unicoop Firenze Cittadinanza Consapevole, educational path Ambiente.

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