A transmedial narrative project

Born from the Rai TV series Kids, “The World of Leo” is a game designed for preschool neurotypical children and children and teenagers with high or low-functioning autism spectrum disorders.

An inclusive game that stimulates creativity through music composition

Leo’s World is designed

  • to reward creativity through the creation of musical landscapes obtained from the combination of different melodies and rhythms
  • to train the management of transitions, suggesting that any activity, even engaging, can not last indefinitely
  • to stimulate the recognition and validation of emotions, showing that even negative ones (e.g. discomfort and anger) are both legitimate and normal and also moods from which you can easily get out.

A game within everyone’s reach

Developed with the supervision and scientific validation of Prof. Paolo Moderato, Professor of General Psychology and expert in autism spectrum disorder, Leo’s World is a challenging and never-frustrating sandbox that ensures a safe and responsive interaction space for children and parents.

Between teaching and fun

The game has 2 main educational aspects:

  • It teaches the player that all the activities are temporary and pushes them to change the scenario and vary the activity by rewarding them.
  • It helps to recognize and accept negative emotions, suggesting that they can be overcome with tools such as imagination, a transitional object and the support of others.

The idea of the Solos then offers the opportunity to show the sound and color of emotions, and suggest how there are no bad nuances but like all, they enrich our personality and our life.