A physical and digital board game about individualism and cooperation, consumerism and sustainability, associationism, and shared value.

A game that challenges the priorities of capitalist ideology

Prosperia introduces the theme of cooperation as a sustainable alternative to the consumerist and capitalist model.
In Prosperia, players manage activities that earn based on their own choices and those of others. Consumption can be an opportunity for increased well-being, but also a reduction if forced incentives are implemented. The gameplay is designed so that if every player focuses solely on implementing the most lucrative strategy, the economic system will collapse, resulting in a game over for everyone.
The ultimate revelation lies in a possible winning alternative: building a balanced economy and a responsible, supportive community to win together.

Consumption, wealth, and well-being.

A typical game in Prosperia starts with players, believing they recognize a familiar gameplay, striving to maximize the production and earnings of their activities, aiming for a profit that aligns with individual victory. While a victory ‘for money’ is possible, in Prosperia, forcing consumption and intensifying competition leads less fortunate players to lose well-being points and increases the likelihood of economic and social unexpected events with consequences for everyone.

Because a minimum level of well-being signifies defeat for everyone, even the most determined players will soon question the real sustainability of their approach. The wisest or bravest among them may decide to change their approach and invest in common spaces and social projects that enhance the well-being of everyone. For those who abandon the extractive mentality, the possibility of a new way to win together emerges: letting go of the race for profit, joining cooperatives, and aiming for collective well-being

Educational Paths by UniCoop Florence

Previewed during the celebration of UniCoop Florence’s 50th anniversary, Prosperia is a physical and digital game designed for use in the workshops on conscious citizenship organized by UniCoopFlorence in secondary schools in Tuscany and beyond.