An engine for creating interactive clinical cases with emotionally responsive virtual patients.

Branching stories system

The MedCase system, based on node storyboards, allows for the creation of complex branching stories where every decision influences the course of events, modifying objectives, scores, and future activities and options available. The simulations can be used on desktop, tablet, and VR headsets, and all choices, scores, objectives, and final results are recorded and reported in the final score. These stories are presented to the user through dialogues between realistic 3D characters, fully animated and capable of expressing emotions vividly and naturally.

Project Goal

MedCase aims to assess technical and socio-emotional skills in the healthcare field and was developed for Nume+, an Italian company that promotes medical innovation through training, communication, and cutting-edge information technologies.

With MedCase, Nume+ wins the ‘FCE Award 2024 (Innovation)’.